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The courses provided at the institution are listed below:

Share Market Training

Share Market Training is available at durations including 1 day (full day) or a week. The training is provided by Santosh Raj Bajgain (Professional Trainer) and Prashant Subedi.

IT Training

Learn cutting edge, most relevant and latest tech topics to help you boss the tech age. Some services provided include Web Development Course, Digital Marketing Course, Cloud Computing Course and so on

Complete Tuition for All Level

We also provide complete tuition classes ranging from class 1 to Master's level. Some courses offered include Mathematics, Science, OPT Maths, Economics and so on.

Bridge Course

For class 10 graduates, we provide special bridge course on multiple topics to help them choose their path in their professional life.


For +2 Management graduates, exam preparation for CMAT and KUUMAT is available with daily mock tests and past paper solving.

Accounting Solutions

We provide complete Accounting Solution course where we start from the fundamentals and by the end reach specialization.

Home Tuition

Individual home tuition is available for students interested in one to one student teacher teaching learning.

Language Classes

Language classes are provided with courses ranging from English, Spanish, German, Korean,
Japanese, French, Portuguese and many more.

Lok Sewa Preparation

Lok Sewa Preparation Course helps the students maximize the chances of acing Lok Sewa exams and getting that dream government job.