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Among the multitude of courses provided at our institution, the most popular ones are listed below:

Share Market Training

Share Market Training is available at durations including 1 day (full day) or a week. The training is provided by Santosh Raj Bajgain (Professional Trainer) and Prashant Subedi.

IT Training

Learn cutting edge, most relevant and latest tech topics to help you boss the tech age with courses like Web Development Course, Digital Marketing Course & Cloud Computing.


Complete Tuition Service (All Level)

We also provide complete tuition classes ranging from Class 1 to Master's level with courses like Mathematics, Science, OPT Maths, Economics and so on.


Learn from industry leading academics and professionals.


Perfect environment for teaching learning activities.

Learn with fun

We strive to make learning as fun as possible for students with our cutting edge dynamism and interactive approach.

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Student Reviews

“I was a struglling student and just had failed 4 subjects. I decided to go to Star and then, the world changed for me. I was able to secure 90% in my finals.”
Laxman Dahal

“The teaching learning environment of Star is the best I've ever been involved in. The teachers are amazingly sophisticated and stunningly simple in the same time.”
Prakriti KC

“I wanted to get into the share market but lacked enough financial resources to enroll in an undergraduate course. However, after taking the Share Market Course, I got enough knowledge to start my journey. Highly Recommended. ”
Divya Sharma

“Accountancy was difficult. The numbers, terms, procedures, and everything else just overwhelmed and confused me a lot. However, after attending Star, all my doubts were washed ashore as I grasped the concepts in a crystal clear way.”
Pranisha Magar